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Synk’d is a open-auth integration platform.

Synk’d enables customers to synk data across their cloud app eco system into their accounting and ERP software, that makes data processing fast, mobile and paperless.

Want to share data, need to update  data. Time to grab your iOS or Andriod device.

Synk’d can push, pull and persist business data such as debtors, creditors and inventory as well as transactions (Purchase orders, invoices, credit notes etc) in real times or based on user driven events. Synk’d allows you to connect to your customers and their catalogues to quickly and easily share data.  Do the job once, no double or triple handling and make your staff an even better team.

Synk’d, makes processing data fast, accurate and easy.

Accelerate how you synk data in your business. This mostly manual, paper based process is time consuming and prone to errors.

If you carry your smart device with you at all times, then why not do away with laborious paper systems or expensive single purpose devices. Synk’d on a phone or tablet empowers your business to share data electronically wherever and whenever you want.



With Synk’d you can:

  • Instantly share and receive data easily using your iOS or Android Device.

  • Reduce operational costs, reduce repetitive data entry, eliminate costly mistakes.

  • Operate in Real Time.

  • Faster data processing

  • Quickly integrate and cleanse data generated by your organisation, customers and beyond.

  • Make better decisions with clean, reliable data.

  • Dramatically reduce errors.

  • Make data available, reliable and actionable in real time.

  • Act with insight.

  • Reduce the back and forth communication inefficiency associated with invoicing, payment and stock movement.

  • Allows critical applications to speak freely with each other in a unified cloud ecosystem.

  • Eliminate the need for paper forms, phone calls, faxes and reduce the repeated handling of information associated with each order.


When you process and exchange information with paper you have to do the work two or three times to computerise it.  Paper based systems reduce efficiency and introduces a loss of data quality as transcribed data is always different to the original.  

Our integration setup is quick and painless, within a few clicks you will be able use any of the suppliers and inventory from your business system within Synk’d. Synk'd integrates clean data, quickly and safely ready for your business to use.

Currently Synk’d integrates seamlessly with the Xero cloud accounting platform.

We are busy developing integrations to suit multiple business systems. Simply register your interest and the business system you use and we will notify you when the integration is available.